Renatus Wedding Singapore

27 January 2018 | Bride at Lucas and Tracy Wedding

Professional and Personal!

Thank you to Melvin and Kelvin from Renatus for making our day run so smoothly! They are both very experienced in photography and videography! They gave us many helpful suggestions to make sure our programme ran smoothly with their services. They are also very warm and have a great eye for shots! Adding in their creative flare to what we requested for. We were very happy with our same-day-edit video and with our photos! Our families were also very impressed with their professionalism = ) Thank you Renatus!

06 August 2017 | Bride at Eileen & James Wedding

Excellent and Professional Service!

My husband and I engaged Melvin for our ROM photo shoot. The service provided was beyond our expectation. Melvin was very professional and friendly, and the whole shoot went smoothly. As we were more camera shy, he never failed to make us feel as comfortable as possible in front of the camera. We are very pleased with the final product = )

30 July 2017 | Bride at Shaun &a Adeline Wedding

Experience counts = )

Shaun and I engaged Kelvin as our photographer and Melvin as our videographer for our actual wedding day. Both have many years of experience in this line and we totally trust their judgement and skills to capture the moment. They will go all out for their couples. Indeed, the end product says it all, we are very satisfied with our photos and videos, viewing them again and again brings laughter and joy to us:)

Mel is a creative videographer. We wanted to incorporate Star Wars theme into the video (Shaun is an avid lover of Star Wars) and he weaved the starwars theme perfectly (of death Vader, Shaun picking up his wife and asked one brother, stomptrooper to attack the resistance of the bridesmaid. When the stomp trooper refused, he has “choked”!) as a good introduction to the video!

Kel, on the other hand, captured the most beautiful moments with the lightings of my parents veiling me, the beautiful art house where we had our solemnisations, our two march in were perfectly captured. His photo compositions are just perfect. No complaints:)

Thank u both for your services. Hope u enjoyed the day as much as we do 🙂

01 June 2017 | Groom at Reginald & Vivien Wedding

Service above and beyond

We write this review with sincere pleasure based on our extremely positive experience working with Kelvin and Melvin. We took comfort that they have previously worked with 2 couple friends of ours and are familiar with our church and hotel reception venue. The fact that both were Christians was a very nice bonus as they understood our perspective on capturing the significance of the church wedding.

The process was very smooth and hitch-free in the preparation leading up the event. Both are very accommodating in meeting us despite our schedules. On the Actual Day, both came on time, were very patient managing our family and relatives, and helped us relax and enjoy our day. We really liked working with them and even engaged them to do a separate studio shoot about a month after the wedding. They made it easy and hassle-free for us.

Vivien and I are very pleased with the final product: the video, the pictures, and the studio shots. We highly recommend this team to couples looking for an A-team to capture their significant day.

16 April 2017 | Groom at Shaun & Adeline Wedding

Pre-wedding shots of Shaun & Ade at Sydney and Tasmania

Adeline and I engaged Kelvin (aka Kel) to take our wedding shots at Sydney and Tasmania. Being the first time doing wedding photoshoots in these parts of the world, he did his research thoroughly on scouting for a good and iconic location based on our requirements.

I must say that we were thoroughly amazed and pleased with this superb photography skills 🙂
He wow us with Creative shots of us. Like those of a fashion wedding photography magazines.
Every shot turns out great and even our family members and friends were impressed with the results. Kel is professional in his work and demands only the best from his efforts. I guessed my wedding shots at Sydney and Tasmania, with God’s grace of good weather, rainbow, beautiful sky, breathtaking sceneries, coupled with Kel’s amazing skills, is truly one in a million.
Thank you, Kel for always going the extra mile to take beautiful shots for us

Renatus Wedding Singapore

08 April 2017 | Bride at Alan & Jorina Wedding

Wonderful experience with Melvin and great videography!

Melvin was very helpful and proactive during the planning process. He took the initiative to meet up with us twice to go through the actual day schedule with us in detail and answered our many questions patiently and thoroughly. He even offered to help us with our childhood montage and did it very quickly for us. Everyone praised his SDE video as it was artistic yet fully captured the fun of the gatecrash and emotional sharings during the solemnisation vows. He was never intrusive yet gave us the right amount of guidance so that the moments of the actual day could be captured naturally and beautifully. The SDE was delivered within a very short span of turnaround time too. Thanks so much, Melvin! We highly recommend Melvin and his team for all couples looking for quality videographers!

27 January 2018 | Bride at Lucas and Tracy Wedding

Capturing the best moments

Kelvin is a great photographer. He has a keen eye for great moments that are heartwarming, hilarious, and beautiful. My spouse and friends all had a wonderful time going through the pictures.

12 February 2017 | Groom at Andy & Deborah Wedding


Thanks Renatus for the wonderful wedding video! Video is done very professionally, and Kathleen is very pleasant to work with. Price is reasonable too.

25 January 2017 | Bride at Felice and Er Zhong Wedding

Great photography. Melvin is great to work with!

Had the chance to work with Melvin on our pre-wedding and actual day shoot. Melvin is fantastic to work with making us feel comfortable during the shoot. We have also worked with Kathleen on our video and it turned out great!! I will definitely recommend renatus to all the brides and groom out there for your special day!

03 January 2017 | Groom at Wai Kit & Wen Yan Wedding

Good job done by Kelvin

I thank Kelvin for his wonderful work for our big day on 20/11. We love how he captured our spontaneous emotions within the split second. Thank you again!

19 September 2016 | Bride at Kiki & Stephen Wedding

Fantastic work 🙂

Thank you so much Kelvin and Kathleen for the amazing work 🙂 All the pictures and video are really fantastic and we love them so much! We are so blessed to have two of you capturing the beautiful moments of our big day. Highly recommended 🙂

17 September 2016 | Partnering Vendor at Wedding

professional and meticulous

had the chance to work with Kelvin and Kathleen on Stephen and Kiki’s wedding. They both showed great attention to detail and i really love the work they produced. keep up the great work!

09 September 2016 | Groom at Joel & Joy 4/06/16 Wedding

Superb work!

We had Kelvin & Kathleen to help us document our wedding. They are really nice and friendly people: they were attentive to our needs and promptly replied to all our questions. We had fun filming our prewedding video. They made us feel so comfortable and at ease with them. The final product was excellent; Kelvin & Kathleen worked hard to produce vibrant photos and videos. Price of package was affordable. Their work exceeded our expectations. Wonderful duo whom we highly recommend.

30 August 2016 | Groom at Alvin and Kathleen Wedding

Awesome Team!

Melvin and Kelvin was a dream team to work with for our Big Day. They went to great lengths to capture the images we had in our minds. If your looking for a photographer and videographer for your wedding day, look no further. Rest assured, you are in very good hands.
Thanks, Renatus

19 August 2016 | Bride at Terry & Cheryl Wedding

Wonderful Memories!

Melvin was our actual day videographer back in 2012. He is very friendly and professional. With his creativity, he tried his best to satisfy all our requests. We are glad to have engaged him and captured all our lovely memories on that very special day!

27 January 2018 | Bride at Lucas and Tracy Wedding

Professional and Personal!

Charles and I were very sure that the videographer we wanted to feature our wedding had to have chemistry with us – someone whom we could get along, fun-loving and of course, had expertise in the area. Because of that, we made it a point for both of us to meet up with the photographers and videographers we had in mind.

We met Melvin at his chic office and we hit it off immediately. Friendly and fun-loving, we knew that this was one we could consider seriously about and we are glad we made the decision to choose Renatus to feature our wedding.

Melvin was professional throughout the wedding and had an eye for fabulous details which he eventually captured during the wedding. He worked extremely well with our photographer and we had fabulous fun on our wedding day! We were pleased with the end product and glad that the professional partnership eventually turned into a friendship too 🙂

Thank you, Melvin!

15 August 2016 | Bride at Yew Wei & Serene Wedding

Professional Videographer!

Melvin was really professional throughout our experience of dealing with him, without losing the personal touch. He was friendly and before long, felt more like a friend than a vendor. We loved the footage from the SDE and was really happy with his services. He wasn’t the type of videographer who will break the flow of your wedding day and just takes footages as the day progressed. We liked that, having met others who were slightly too vocal about the flow of weddings.. (:

14 August 2016 | Bride at Teng Ho & Siew Peng Wedding

Thank you Renatus

As it was a wedding lunch, time was tight for video preparation. Nonetheless, the video was well crafted which even included our first march-in during lunch. All the joyous moments during gate crash and morning ceremony were well captured. With Melvin’s relentless effort in preparing and editing the video within the limted time frame, impossible was made possible. Thank you Renatus. Love the video very much.

14 August 2016 | Bride at Robin & Ching Fen Wedding

Pre wedding photography of Robin & CF

Feeling blessed with Kelvin as our Pre wedding & actual day photographer. It was a great prewed photoshoot experience filled with fun and laughter for us!

Kelvin was also very meticulous, he did scouting of venues discussed and took the effort to find locations and angles that captured the details of what we had wanted. I had mentioned previously during the discussion that I did love to have trees (with specific details) and Lalang and waters in which he took note of them all and there they are all in my photos!

We are so looking forward to the actual day photography! 😀

09 June 2016 | Bride at David & Emily Wedding


Kelvin was my photographer for my pre-wedding shots and actual wedding day shots. He was very prepared and would scout out locations and angles before the shoot, so we get lovely and creative compositions in our photos. It just feels extra special for us that not all our shots were default traditional portraits (although we had a good number of those too!) Did I mention how he was really good at using the lighting of that location? All our relatives love our photos and how he captured the joy and mood of the occasion so we can all re-live that day. Kelvin would also pay special attention to get beautiful portraits of close relatives. Truly a master of the craft!

03 June 2016 | Bride at Wee Pin & Joan Wedding

Excellent in service, quality, and composition.

As an artist myself, I highly value good photographs of my big day, and I was extremely pleased and satisfied with the quality of service and photos that Kelvin provided on the Actual Day. Couples who wish not to be disappointed should consider engaging their services.

I won’t go into detail what constitutes a good photograph, but Kelvin and his partner certainly know what goes into making a good wedding photograph. Be it a spontaneous shot, taking the best side of the bride, capturing emotional moments with parents, composing a shot with the bridal dress etc. They know what they are doing. And Kelvin was never intrusive with the couple. He never forced us into the beautiful shots he took, he was like a guest but with the pro camera. He only posed us for a few standard shots, and he did so naturally and helped us feel at ease, so we did not feel uncomfortable in front of the camera.

I speak to him often even now and I learned that he does A LOT of preparation beforehand. Preparation meaning, that he would go to the hotel before YOUR wedding to find the best locations to take the posed shots, and plan his spontaneous shots, find out what lighting the hotel has and adjusts his lenses accordingly. He’s very meticulous. Thus he makes taking the photos so effortlessly. It’s an art! RESPECT.

TL;DR: Great service, Great photos, Left in great hands, artistic, made to look easy.

31 May 2016 | Bride at Aaron and Jace Wedding

chew x leu wedding

To say that we are pleased is totally an understatement. We are definitely blown away. In fact, the hubby who usually doesn’t like taking photos felt that it was money very well spent. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend services by Renatus, in a heartbeat no less.

Thank you so much team! You guys have been nothing short of amazing.

30 May 2016 | Bride at Barney and Rebecca Wedding

Pre wedding video

We were introduced to Katheleen by our friends who were using her services for their actual day.

We wanted a pre wedding video about how we met and Kathleen brought our ideas to life! She is friendly, down to earth and honestly she really gives it her all!

Everyone loved our “how we met” video which Kathleen tediously recorded our “acting”, sat through our lame jokes (haha) and even edited our proposal raw video for us to play at our dinner banquet.

Thank you Kathleen! We definitely recommend her in a heartbeat!

25 May 2016 | Guest at Company Event Wedding

Great job! =)

We invited Kelvin from Renatus for our event photography. He arrived early and was quick to jump into action, capturing photos that showcased the expressions of participants very naturally.
All the way from pre- to post-event, he was very responsible and prompt in communication. On the whole, a very positive experience and a highly recommended photographer!

25 May 2016 | Partnering Vendor at General Client Wedding

Photography for semi corporate event

Kelvin took photographs for our Teacher’s luncheon this year. Pictures were lovely and kelvin gave great directions when necessary.

It was easy to work with him as he is reasonably flexible when it came to both shooting the event, and the post-event follow-up. Thanks kelvin!

24 May 2016 | Bride at Jerald + Ziping Wedding

Wedding of Jerald + Ziping

We engaged Kelvin & Kathleen as our photographer and videographer respectively for our pre-wedding and actual day shoot and the whole process was as fuss free as possible. We could tell that they took pride in their work and the memories of our big day they have captured in print will be with us for the rest of our lives. Thanks guys!

21 May 2016 | Family Or Relatives Of Groom at AD & Joanna Wedding

Friendly and Professional

Kathleen was very accommodating and friendly to our family, and we had a lot of fun working together. The video turned out really nice and it really captured the essence of the wedding.

The photos well taken and she was attentive and most of the pictures captured the joy and sincerity of the guests as well as the couple. Thank you so much for the help, and I will recommend Kathleen to my other family and friends if they are looking for a wedding videographer or photographer.

21 May 2016 | Groom at Will & Persis Wedding

Enthusiastic, passionate and great fun!

My wife and I engaged Kelvin and Kathleen to be our photographer and videographer respectively and we have been thoroughly impressed with their work and the quality of their shooting. I had known Kelvin for a number of years before and had seen him shoot at many weddings. He is very professional and consistently brings a high level of energy and creativity to his shoots. I can attest to his work ethic after watching him dive into a thick brush of lalang in the sweltering heat just to take a single upward jump shot for us. Beyond just capturing an event, Kelvin draws out emotion and romance in his photos by often encouraging his couples to be themselves and having them candidly talk about things that matter to them.

Kathleen is likewise an very talented and hard working videographer. On our pre-wedding shoot, she blended unobstrusively into the background, emerging only to direct us or give us new ideas on what to do. She was very open to our ideas and was fully consultative throughout the process, and it was a real pleasure working with her. Even with very tight timeframes, she never failed to deliver a polished product that we actually quite like to watch now and then.

Renatus were very generous with their photos. Unlike many other photographers that I know of, they shared all the photos and raw footage with us and even helped to prepare some A3 printouts for display on our wedding day. My wife and I were very pleased with the output and we will always have a set of great photos and videos to remember our special day by. Thanks Kel, Kat and Renatus for an excellent job!

Renatus Wedding Singapore

30 April 2016 | Groom at Weiqing & Kai Lin Wedding

Joyful memories, beautifully captured!

We engaged Kath (Kathleen) from Renatus to be our videographer for our actual wedding day. She did not disappoint, and was able to curate a wonderful express highlights video of the entire day. The video clips over the entire day were able to capture the emotions experienced that day, and every time we re-watch them, it brings back the joy and laughter we experienced with our friends and family.

Working with Kath was a very smooth experience; even though we had no experience working with videographers, she was able to understand our needs and preferences, and proposing new ideas along the way. We would definitely recommend her to friends, family and potential newly-weds!

If anyone is interested in the Same-Day Express Highlights:

27 April 2016 | Bride at Jared & Xing Ping ❤️ Wedding

Awesome Photos and Photographer

Kelvin from Renatus took our Actual Day wedding pictures! And we love all of them! Not only did the photos captured all the special moments, he gave us color options after editing and (color or black & white) hr made everyone so smiley and comfortable during the shots.

My only regret is not able to engage them for my pre-wedding shots and video!

Great job Kelvin & Renatus!

23 April 2016 | Groom at Janice & Edward Wedding

Real feeling young team with experience working with you

My ‘groomstory’ started out as looking for a partner to create what I had envisioned for my wedding proposal; a fake Hollywood movie trailer that would encapsulate our relationship, and end off with a proposal. I needed a videographer to come in and produce the unique style (think romantic style) of video that will give my girlfriend-wife the biggest surprise of her life.

Renatus was one of the few wedding photography-cinematography companies I approached. I felt at ease immediately communicating with Melvin, even though it was way past my dinner time and it was a secret meeting; I had to lie to the girlfriend-wife that I was meeting someone else. Melvin was interested in my crazy idea, and he was willing to bring it to life. He needed help because it was something crazy we were trying out, so he brought in Kathleen to assist in this project.

To cut a long story short, it worked – the video was done beautifully and we managed to pull it off. Movie screening room, check. Fake audience – mostly my colleagues whom she didn’t know – check. Secret hidden camera to capture her facial expressions while watching a series of movie trailers, check.

Because of how well Renatus (Melvin & Kathleen) pulled off my wedding proposal, my girlfriend-wife was willing to hire them for our pre-wedding photo shoot, and eventually our actual-day wedding shoot. Melvin & Kathleen were excellent at building rapport with demanding family members, pesky relatives, and talkative friends. The greatest compliment I received was a close friend telling us that she would like to hire Renatus for her own wedding in the future.

23 April 2016 | Friends Of Couple at K and W Wedding

Always a million dollar shot!

Kelvin has an a great eye for magical moments. The lighting and composition of the photos are new and almost has its own unique signature to it. Never chiche, always professional.

For actual event photography, Kelvin captures the smiles, the highlights, the joyous mood, the atmosphere beautifully. Such that when you look at the photos you can almost relive the moments again.

22 April 2016 | Bride at Anna + Ray Wedding

Our wedding Day

It’s been a pleasure knowing kelvin and kathleen through a deep search for wedding Photographers back then during the preparation. Being a photographer myself, I am pretty picky in hiring a photographer especially when it’s for my BIG DAY! After meeting Kelvin and Kath, I told Ray “They are the ONE!” And indeed during my actual day, I had lots of laughter and the photos turns out how I expected to be! Now that it’s been 3 years since the day Ray and I got married, we still always open up the video edited by Kath, and it really gave us a good laugh and good reminiscent. Thank you kelvin and kathleen for preserving a good memory to my BIG DAY!

22 April 2016 | Bride at Junming and Christina Wedding

Great experience working with Renatus

My husband and I engaged Kathleen to shoot our pre wedding videos and the videos were both very well received by our guests. It has been 1 year since our wedding but our friends still bring it up during conversation on how memorable and funny they were. We had done 2 videos, 1 was sort of an MTV, with us dancing to the tunes of ‘happy’ by Pharrell Williams and another was a illustration of what we love about each other. Kathleen was accommodating and travelled with us to many locations to shoot the videos. The videos were pretty atypical of wedding videos as they were meant to be funny rather than romantic. Kathleen will throw in ideas and helped us to conceptualize how the videos should be shot. Till now, I would still watch them occasionally and laugh out loud. She has certainly captured the essence of our love and I can’t wait to show them to our kids when they grow up! (Or use it to remind myself why I am in love with this man when I get mad :p)

01 April 2016 | Groom at And Jol Wedding

A wonderful moment to be remembered and a friendship to be treasured

A wonderful and timeless wedding requires a good team of photographer and videographer to capture all the lovely moments. Jolin and I are glad to engage and befriend such lovely people like kelvin and Kathleen from the Renatus. Easy going and always accommodating to our request. Exactly 1 year ago and the memories still stays.

17 March 2016 | Groom at Ray & Ling’s proposal Wedding

Great client experience!

I was looking around for professional videographer/photographer for my proposal shoot when i came across RENATUS. Of course with many other contacts on hand, i am really glad and totally have no regret choosing RENATUS. The videographer(Kathleen) is friendly, patient, service oriented, offers alternative ideas on top of your proposed plan and the whole proposal process feels comfortable. Kathleen will also follow up almost immediately if you have any doubts or plans to consult and this is one of the things which impressed me, CLIENT SERVICE. On top of that, the video presented is amazing, different from what i imagine. Most importantly, the price is good for the quality of service provided, every single cent definitely counts. Will highly recommend my relatives, friends or anyone who is planning to take up wedding or proposal shoot.

07 March 2016 | Bride at Eric & Kassey’s Wedding Wedding

Best photographs captured!

Kelvin was both my pre-wedding and actual day photographer. Looking back at how he has tried to capture all the lovely shots, he probably was one of the most hardworking and detailed photographer I have met. It was real fun and assuring because he was always there to capture the best shots ever. Never doubted his works! When my hubby and I saw the photographs, we were simply amazed at the shots he had captured. He knew all the important people in our lives and captured those candid and heartfelt moments which certainly left us with such beautiful moments and memories! Even when there were a couple of group photographs that were more than 30 pax, including young kids, Kelvin continued to show his warmest smile and loudest voice to organise the group for that moment. We truly thank him for all he had done for us and we know that the memories and photographs will forever be greatly treasured in our hearts and minds as well as for the many generations to come. Great works, Kelvin!!

01 March 2016 | Groom at Xael and Amber Wedding

Perfect Experience for Actual Day Photography

We engaged Melvin for our AD and our experience is nothing short of amazing. I guess his 400+ weddings portfolio shows when he work with us offering ideas and finding right angles, but at the same time isn’t so obvious – most people would tire out after 400 over shoots – but Melvin – he is just full of energy. I think that’s important to maintain the spirit over the course of a long day for many couples, especially ours where we did a lunch-and-dinner in a single day.

Even after that long day, he puts in his best and is still all smiles. That’s a real professional that I’ll recommend to all couples.

01 March 2016 | Groom at Say Yang & Ai Meng Wedding

Customer oriented, eye for beauty

Melvin Cho of Renatus did the videography for our wedding in 2013. His bubbly nature was the perfect foil to our wedding day jitters! Melvin knew how to put us at ease to capture the best moments. Melvin also had great eye for details, we were amazed at the results when we saw the video. Perspectives of the church, presented in angles we never knew existed.

Melvin is well-equipped. He miked me up for the wedding vows, and used our vows as voice-overs for part of the wedding video. We were most pleased with that- the most important part of our wedding, captured in all its clarity!

We engaged Melvin for the whole day, including express highlights. We were very pleased at his post production skills.. All the splicing and dicing to produce a very memorable express highlights for our guests at the dinner.

29 February 2016 | Bride at Kevin+Wiwin Wedding

Professional & trustworthy

We found Renatus through isntagram, first conversation lead to the others. It was such a great experience to have them on our ceremony, I adore how easy to communicate our needs & to rely on Kelvin who did gave an awesome impression to us and our guests. One lovely day, a succesful ceremony, completed with an awesome photographer, really did gave us a wonderful memorries. Thank you Renatus & thank you so much Kelvin Low.

Best Regards,


29 February 2016 | Groom at Ming Yang & Dominique Wedding

Awesome partnership

Kelvin and Kathleen are great to work with. During meetings, they constantly gave us pointers on the do’s and do-not’s for the day – make your games more visible, how flower arrangements affect table shots etc. They were very professional in going about the shoot, constantly hunting for the best angles and locations. We really enjoyed working with them. This is 1 awesome tag team here! Thank you both for your huge roles in our wedding. Keep up the awesome works! 😉

29 February 2016 | Bride at Bernice & Yew Chung Wedding

awesome service

Awesome service since Day 1. Melvin was very helpful and went the extra mile in helping me when I have a difficult time planning my actual day schedule. Gave me valuable tips in making my AD a success. Kelvin was my AD photographer and Melvin was my videographer. On the actual day, both were extremely professional. We received many thumbs up on our AD video and we were extremely pleased with our AD photos. Both my close friend and my brother in law engaged their service after seeing how good they were.

28 February 2016 | Groom at Ken & Valerie Wedding

Highly Recommended!

Kathleen and Kelvin were very friendly and accommodating to us, and help us make our wedding a special and memorable one. We really love the videos and photos they have taken. For the wedding video, We had wanted to do something unusual, and Kathleen was able to help us achieved what we wanted. We were very happy with the results and the guests were very much entertained by the video, and it brought much laughter and joy to the occasion. Kelvin was also a very professional, and has a good eye for capturing fun and precious moments in his photos.

I am very glad I have chosen them as my wedding videographer and photographer, and I couldn’t imagine how things might have turned out otherwise. I highly recommend their services!

28 February 2016 | Groom at Kaixin & Sharon Wedding

Recommended Services

We thank Kelvin for his creative ideas to get us going for the pre-wedding photo shoot.I wasn’t exactly one who takes lots of photos but he helped by giving us ideas where it can be shot and suggested other locations which offered a nice backdrop. Recce was done beforehand so that we could complete the shoot in the time allocated. He covered everything from pre-wedding to actual day.The photos turned out beautiful and were unique. Thank you for the great experience!

26 February 2016 | Bride at Jonathan & Jean Wedding

Great experience with Kelvin & Kathleen!

We enjoyed the entire experience from the first meet up to the actual day and the final meet up to collect our photos! Kelvin and Kathleen were very friendly, professional, straight forward, and open to discussions. They work very well together and we wish to thank both of you for your hard work!

06 February 2016 | Groom at Yuan Li and Lucinda Wedding

Thank you!

We would like to express our heartfelt thanks and appreciation to Kelvin and Kathleen for the great services and wonderful photos and videos for our wedding actual day! Renatus may be a small company consisting of just three people, but they offered great personalized services. Kelvin and Kathleen made the effort to go down to Sentosa to recee our hotel before the wedding itself so that they know where are the good spots to take photos on the actual day. They also made the effort to meet up with us to discuss our AD schedule and offered valuable advice. On the actual day, both of them shed sweat and gave their utmost efforts. They are professional yet fun to be with…we enjoyed ourselves and we are glad to have made friends with them through the process. And most importantly, we loved the photos and videos which Kelvin and Kathleen took, that captured many precious moments of us and our loved ones. Thank you both so much!

06 February 2016 | bride at Yvonne & Marcus

Thank you!

This is the day that will be forever cherished & remembered.
Melvin, Kathleen & team are very professional & have done a fantastic job for us for our big day. Really appreciated a great job!
We had such a great fun with Melvin during our pre-wed shoots. Both my hubby & I were super excited before the shoot but Melvin was so nice to direct us & tell us everything that to do which really put us at ease & relaxed throughout the whole session.
Thanks so much, Melvin for creating and came up with such a lovely video of our love story. It was all so meaningful which brought us back many fond memories of our past until the day my hubby proposed. He made us feel so comfortable & we all have a good laugh together throughout the filming which brings out the natural effect. Everyone who watch our video compliment a lot!
Our wedding day was gorgeous. Melvin & Kathleen were there the whole time with us capturing all the real emotions & moments.
Throughout the day & night, I’d grab them while they are busy snapping & asked them can they help me take a pic of this & that and they would reply no problem to all with a great friendly smile.
In terms of service, they are awesome I must say.
Fun & easy to work with and definitely worth paying every cent for their profession & high-quality work produced.
Thumbs up for them!

Cheryl Chen
06 February 2016 | Groom at Cheryl Chen & Vincent Tan

Thank you!

There is no other event in life with more emotional and heartwarming moments than that one day when life, love, and family come together to celebrate the promise of our marriage. Melvin, Kathleen, and team were extremely professional and creative and did a fabulous job in our videos for the big day.

They came to us with a proposal of putting together a beautiful video of our dating days, how we got together as a couple and finally now married as a couple. Together, we talked and laughed about our past, our present and future. They were very accommodating and did their utmost best to make us and everyone else comfortable during filming, that we didn’t even felt like we were re-enacting the past. It was all surreal, bringing back my husband and myself very fond memories of the past.

Everyone, who attended our wedding, gave thumbs up to our wedding videos. My husband and myself were both very pleased with the end results of the videos and both agreed that Renatus achieved the exact effect which we were looking for in a wedding videographer – captivating and heartwarming, a classic and timeless capture of the day’s events that we wouldn’t mind watching over again with our future generations.