Renatus is celebrating our 8th anniversary this year!

To all the dear couples who love our works, Renatus is celebrating our 8th anniversary this year! To commemorate this milestone, we’re having a RSS (Renatus Super Sale) limited to 20 couples who sign up for both photography & cinematography! We look forward to serving you as one of the twenty!


Choose one of four promotions!

Promotion 1
S$ 1000 Cash Discount

Promotion 2
Complementary, 2 hours unlimited photo booth + 3 hours Pre-wedding (Worth S$1600) 

Promotion 3
Complementry, 2 hours unlimited photo booth + 2nd cinematographer (Worth S$1500)

Promotion 4 
Complementry, 2nd cinematographer + S$ 700 Cash Discount (Worth S$1500)


Out of these 20 couples, we will be choosing one to be our Renatus Super Fan and they will get to choose Two Promotions instead of one!

How do you qualify to be a Renatus Super Fan?

Earn Extra 1 chance by
liking and following our Facebook page and Instagram profile

Earn Extra 1 chances by
sharing one of your favorite photos or videos of ours on your own social media account

Earn Extra 2 chances by
sharing this promotion or mention us on Singaporebrides’ forum, Bridestory or any forums

*A draw will be conducted on FB Live
** Bonuses will need to be verified by screenshots and if it is not provided, renatus reserve the right to refuse to award offers and/or promotions to particular individuals at our discretion.

Combine Package

8 hours of Cinematography
Same Day Edit (SDE) or Full Day Edit (FDE)
Raw footages


8 hours of Photography
All photos returned (color-graded)

S$3800 (before discount) 

10 hours @ $4200 for both services


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    1. melvin.cho says:

      Sorry, I made a wrong calculation previously, renatus started in 2011 hence it was 8th year, not 7th. Sorry was bad in number = P – Mel

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