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5 Unconventional Tips From A Wedding Photographer!

Write your own vows.

While it’s really convenient to repeat after your solemniser’s standardised vows, it’s so much more meaningful to spend time thinking & writing your very own. Don’t be afraid of taking up too much time & keeping your guests hungry! Their stomachs can wait a while more especially if they love you. Those who love you wants to hear your laughters & tears inducing vows. If you’ve engaged a cinematographer for your wedding, do yourselves a favour & START WRITING NOW!

Where to write your vows.

Now that you’ve done the part of thinking, write them on something nice. Definitely not on a a piece of paper that would be all crumpled up on your wedding day. Write them on a card or in the case of our featured couple David & Joanne, exercise books because they’re both teachers! Do not read your vows via an electronic device as the light that shines from bottom & upwards may not be the most flattering!

Confetti, Flower Petals & March Ins.

Get your firers to pop their confetti only when you’ve walked past them. This is to avoid your face being covered by them! If they didn’t manage to pop it during the march in, fret not! There’s always a 2ndchance during toasting! Flower Petals are generally ok but watch out for over the top enthusiastic guests! Relax. Don’t be shy. Don’t be nervous. Don’t march in like you can’t wait for it to be over!

Surprise each other but not your photographers & cinematographers!

While it’s likely whoever you’ve engaged are highly experienced, it always pays to be prepared. They may have shot enough weddings to help you uncover some blindspots which you’ve not thought of & offer some sound advice. Here’s where meeting up with you & going through your schedule prior to your wedding day plays a part in getting the best footage possible. Using a couple of exercise books for writing vows is a result of some ideas bouncing back & forth!

Take your time.

This is your day. Enjoy it. Enjoy each other. Celebrate the occasion with all who loves you. Take your time to walk down the aisle. Wave, shake hands & hug. It may be the only time you get to feel like a superstar! Do your best to plan for your wedding but If anything goes wrong on the day, it’s ok. Try to laugh it away. Welcome to marriage where not everything is perfect but you’ve got each other!

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