Pre-Wedding, PW Photography

Robin & Ching Fen Pre Wedding Photography Singapore

I remember how I was really feeling happy for Robin when I was photographing this couple for pre wedding! I was amazed by how much laughter Ching Fen brought to us throughout the shoot that day 😀

I’ve known Robin since poly days and through the few meet ups, I got to know a bit about how they got together and the values they share as a Christian couple. All I’m left to say is

He has made everything beautiful in its time.
– Ecclesiastes 3:11 NIV

Photography by Kelvin Low
iPhone: +65 9632 1456

AD Photography

Xael & Amber

“Hey you look familiar~” was the first line I told Xael in a wedding show.

I am sure Xael was thinking “What a cheesy/lousy sales pickup line~” as he gave me a look. HAHA, Little did he know, we were schoolmate!